Django on WebFaction

How to setup Django websites on WebFaction

WebFaction is hosting for developers

WebFaction was one of the first hosting services to officially support Django. It's still the most popular shared host for Django developers — for good reason!

WebFaction's web panel has one click installers for Django, Rails, Wordpress, and many more common software stacks. Their servers also have several versions of Python installed for their customers' convenience, including different versions of Python 3.

It's an ideal place for software developers to host their websites and web applications.

What's Django?

Django is an open source web framework built with Python. Developers can use it to quickly build websites and web applications. Django is used by many well known sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

The Django framework uses the MVC pattern and contains several key components. Local development is rapid because of the included web server. There's also libraries for object relational mapping, middleware, caching, internationalization, and unit testing.

Not all shared hosting services support Django. With many, you're left on your own to install the Django stack on your shared hosting account.

Running Django on WebFaction

WebFaction uses Apache with mod_wsgi to run Django applications, currently the best practice for hosting Django websites. Setting up and configuring an app can be done in under five minutes using their easy point-and-click installer.

For more information, see Getting Started with Django.

Looking for more hosts?

WebFaction is a terrific shared host for Django-powered websites as well as websites using other technologies. If you're still comparing hosts, take a look at Django Hosting which includes a list to choose from.