Django Hosting Guides

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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the world of Django hosting, deployment, and related tasks. You'll learn everything from finding your first hosting service to automating deployments.

I've divided the guides below into two sections: core and optional. Core guides are applicable to everyone. The optional guides are specific to your technology stack, so you'll want to skip some.

If you're unsure about what to read, I've kept the guides in order from beginner to advanced — but still feel free to skip around.

Core Guides

What Does a Host Do?
Learn why you need a hosting service and what they provide

How to Pick a Host
Find out what makes a good Django host

Deploying Django
Learn how to setup and deploy a Django website on a shared host

Django Resources
Resources for learning how to develop with Django

Optional Guides

Python Shared Hosting
How to pick the best host for Python apps

Django Web Hosts
How to determine if a host is a good fit for you

Django on Linode
How to setup Django websites on Linode

Django on WebFaction
How to setup Django websites on WebFaction

Git on Dreamhost
How to setup and use Git on Dreamhost

Git on WebFaction
How to setup and use Git on WebFaction

SVN on Dreamhost
How to setup and use Subversion on Dreamhost