Django Hosting

WebFaction is the best host for Django projects. Sites can be deployed in under 2 minutes using their web panel. Python libraries and other Linux tools can be installed on a per-user basis.

Pricing starts at $8.50/mo when paid annually. It includes 100GB storage, 600GB/mo of bandwidth, and 256MB of application memory. Shared resources like nginx, Apache, and MySQL don't count towards your resource limits.

Dreamhost is a popular shared host that offers unlimited storage/bandwidth and a command line wizard for setting up Django sites.

Pricing drops significantly when paying in advance. Their servers work fine for small projects, but it's not recommended for anything with medium to high load.

A Small Orange is an ideal host to grow your project at. They offer shared hosting for small Django projects, VPSes for medium sized projects, and dedicated servers for large ones.

Django can be setup on A Small Orange shared hosting via Apache and FCGI. Their cloud VPS hosting comes with the cPanel on larger plans. They also offer a managed VPS solution.

Linode offers the best value VPS hosting. Their Xen plan comes with 512MB RAM, 20GB storage, and 200GB/mo bandwidth for under $20/mo.

Having a VPS means full SSH and root access. Your resources are isolated from neighbors, so a crowded server won't slow down your site. The downside is you'll have to administer the VPS yourself.

Gondor is cloud hosting service for Django projects. Deploy, administer, and migrate your site using their command line tools.

The benefit of cloud hosting is being able to quickly scale up. It frees you from infrastructure duties, allowing more focus on development.


Django Web Hosts
The top rated Django web hosts. The best host for you depends on the type of application you're developing. You'll have to decide between shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated.

Django on Linode
Like all other VPS services, you'll have root access on Linode which you can use to install Django. Setting up Django on Linode is simple due to their great documentation.

Django on WebFaction
WebFaction was one of the first hosting services to officially support Django. It's still the most popular and liked shared host for Django developers. Django on WebFaction is a dream for any developers.

Git on Dreamhost
Dreamhost has Git installed on most of their servers, but not all. Dreamhost offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, making it an ideal service to host your Git repositories. Using Git on Dreamhost is extremely easy.

Git on WebFaction
WebFaction includes Git on all servers. Setting up Git on WebFaction is as simple as using their control panel's one click installer for GitWeb, a web interface for Git repositories.

Python Shared Hosting
Pythong shared hosting is abundant, there are several great options for most Python applications. This includes Django, Pylons, Flask,, web2py, and TurboGears.

SVN on Dreamhost
Dreamhost has a copy of Subversion installed on all of its servers. With your shared hosting plan, you can host SVN on Dreamhost servers without a problem.